Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage combines the natural properties of Young Living's Massage Oil blends with the benefits of our Signature Relaxation Massage to fine-tune the focus, and boost the healing benefits of your Massage Session.  In this service, specialized blends are inhaled to activate areas in the brain that influence emotions, hormone production, and the nevous system, and absorbed through the skin to deliver powerful healing properties and effects.  Our Signature Relaxation amplifies the healing properties of the oils by increasing circulation and stimulation of the body's natural healing responses. 


Sore Muscle & Joint Relief

The Sore Muscle & Joint Relief Aromatherapy Massage includes Young Living's Ortho Ease Massage Oil blend to warm and soothe tired muscles and aching joints.  This blend includes anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and other healing properties to help combat the damaging effects of daily activities; leaving the body feeling relaxed and refreshed.  PanAway and Aroma Siez are applied to inflammed or spasmodic muscles.  This is NOT a Deep Tissue Massage.

PanAway is diffused in the room for mental clarity, and to promote a focused and healing enviroment. 


60 minutes   $85


90 minutes   $125

              Detox & Tone              

The Detox and Tone Aromatherapy Massage includes Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil blend to nourish and improve skin tone.  When combined with Massage, this oil blend detoxifies and cleanses while improving skin texture by increasing the metabolic activity and facilitaing the flow of the lymphatic system caring metabolic waste away from soft-tissue and organs improving funciton and wellness. 

Citris Fresh is diffused in the room for and uplifting and calming effect. 


Relaxation & Stress Relief

The Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage is the pefect was to de-stress and unwind. The Relaxation Massage Oil is an incredible blend of essential and vegetable oils that bring emotional balance to the body and mind, easing the stress from everyday demands. The oils in this blend have calming and restorative properties. 

Lavender is diffused in the room to provide a relaxing, tranquil enviroment.

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