Dear Blue Monarch Family,

With your safety and health as our utmost priority, we have taken the time to monitor and educate ourselves on the recent developments of Covid-19. To provide a place of healing and to help relieve the tremendous stress of these trying times, we will continue to offer services as long as we can.


We have increased our already extensive cleaning protocols, and we are taking additional measures to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for all our clients. 


In order to prevent community spread:

  • We ask that if you have recently traveled, or live with someone who has previously traveled out of the country or to a state with a recent outbreak by community spread, to please cancel your appointment and wait two weeks before rescheduling.


  • We ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, mild to moderate fever, body aches, fatigue, or cough, we ask that you cancel your appointment and wait two weeks before rescheduling. 


  • We know that it is oak pollen season, and the molds are currently high. Still, we ask that you exercise extreme caution and cancel even if you think allergies cause your symptoms.


  • We ask that you wash your hands up to the elbow before and after your appointment.


  • We may ask to take your temperature before your service as a precaution. If so, we will do so with a temperature gun. 


 During our standard cleaning protocol we always have, and will continue to:

  • Wash our hands with hot water up to the elbow for a minimum of 20 seconds before and after each service. 


  • Clean and sanitize every piece of equipment and surface that our client or we have made contact with during each service.


  • Thoroughly launder all linens and towels with the guidelines set in place by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. 


We have and will continue to take further precautions by:

  • Putting an hour or more between services in each room to provide enough time for a thorough sanitization procedure.


  • Wipe down all doorknobs, surfaces, and equipment between each client including the main entrance of our establishment


  • Discontinue the use of blankets during this time. Blankets are sanitized but not washed between services. For health and safety reasons, blankets will only be available by request until further notice. 


  • We may wear masks during the session or when closer than 6ft. 


  • We will not be offering face massage until further notice


  • Supine (face-up) and Side-lying neck work will be discontinued until masks can be made available for our staff. 


We are currently stocked up on our disinfectant, cleaning supplies, hand soap, and hand sanitizer (as we always keep a healthy stock) for the time being.


Due to buying limits, we may limit the availability and complementary features (such as hot towels and bottled water) in the future.


 We want to make every effort possible to keep everyone safe. We value and appreciate all our clients, and will be limiting all contact to the treatment room. As much as we hate it, handshakes and hugs are on hiatus until further notice.


We ask if anyone is uncertain about their health to please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. We do have many Blue Monarch members that are immunocompromised or at a higher risk of contracting the virus.


We will be providing confirmation calls for all appointments and will be waiving all Cancellation Fees. We ask that if you would like to cancel your appointment to please give us as much notice as you can.


If any of our staff are experiencing symptoms, they will not be allowed to provide services, and their appointments will be canceled for the next two weeks. 

We may have shortened business hours or limited availability at this time.

We may have to cancel appointments or temporarily shut down.


 We will continue communication and transparency during the following weeks and months, while this situation continues to develop.  We want to thank all our Blue Monarch clients for being apart of our family. We want to thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time. The change of schedules, news coverage, and health threats are all very stressful. We will be here for you as long as we can, and so appreciate everyone who is taking precautions while still supporting small businesses like ours. We know that this will continue to have many effects on all small businesses and service providers for an indefinite amount of time. We ask that everyone remember to keep their health and wellness in mind, and massage therapy can still play a vital role. We are in this together!


Please follow our social media for updates

@BlueMonarchBodywork on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank You for your continued support and understanding.

Blue Monarch Team

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