60 minutes   $75


90 minutes   $115

Elements Mineral Massage

Trace minerals are responsible fro over 300 different chemical reactions in the human body including energy, relaxation, and blood pressure.  Unfortunately, trace mineral defiencies are all too common causing many health issues.  Transdermal application of Elements delivers trace minerals through the skin and into the bloodstream quickly and effectively.  Through massage the blood is brought to the surface of the skin allowing faster absorption of trace minerals.  

This service includes an application of Elements trace mineral spray delivering 1500mg of Magnesium and other trace minerals; followed by a Signature Relaxation Massage using Elements Massage Gel delivering high amounts of Magnesium and MSM restoring skin elasticiy.  

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Located in Bracken Village

18771 FM2252/Nacogdoches Rd

San Antonio Texas, 78266

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