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Wellness Massage

Myofascial Relaxation Therapy

Our custom Wellness Massage is a passive relaxation therapy designed to improve the body's physiology by activating and balancing areas of the nervous system that regulate stress and promote healing. Unlike targeted soft-tissue therapies, our Wellness Massage is most effective when applied as a general treatment focusing on the body as a whole. However, your Therapist may still customize to target specific areas that store stress and tension. We recommend this Massage for general stress relief and relaxation, as a delightful escape from everyday life demands, to help strengthen the mind-body connection, and is a perfect addition to your self-care routine.

Key Benefits

Promotes relaxation

Reduces general tension

Improve Circulation

Improve skin tone

Reduces general aches and pain

Helps with symptoms of chronic anxiety

Elevates and improves mood

Helps improve and regulate sleep

Increases immunity

Improves physiological functions

Improves flexibility

Help reduce symptoms of depression

Promotes wellness

Enhances the mind-body connection


Techniques & Modalities


Available Add-Ons

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